Saturday, March 19, 2016

LCD interfacing with PIC16F84A using CCS PIC C compiler

PIC16F84A LCD example with CCS C
Interface PIC microcontroller with LCD 
It is easy to interface LCD displays with PIC16F84A microcontroller using CCS PIC C compiler since the compiler has the LCD driver.
There are 7 data lines between the microcontroller and the LCD display which are: RS, R/W, E, D4, D5, D6 and D7. The following PIC16F84A LCD example shows how to connect the LCD with the microcontroller and how to display characters using CCS C compiler.
Interface PIC16F84A with LCD circuit:
The following circuit schematic shows the required connection between PIC16F84A microcontroller and the LCD display.
LCD interfacing with PIC microcontroller circuit ccs
Interface PIC16F84A with LCD CCS C code:
// Interfacing PIC16F84A with LCD display

//LCD module connections
#define LCD_RS_PIN PIN_B0
#define LCD_RW_PIN PIN_B1
#define LCD_DATA4 PIN_B3
#define LCD_DATA5 PIN_B4
#define LCD_DATA6 PIN_B5
#define LCD_DATA7 PIN_B6
//End LCD module connections

#include <16F84A.h>
#use delay(crystal=8000000)
#include <lcd.c>

unsigned int8 i = 0;
void main() {
  lcd_init();                 // Initialize LCD module
  lcd_gotoxy(5, 1);           // Go to column 5 row 1
  lcd_gotoxy(4, 2);           // Go to column 4 row 2
  lcd_putc("LCD example");
  lcd_putc('\f');             // LCD clear
  lcd_gotoxy(3, 1);           // Go to column 3 row 1
  lcd_putc("Hello world!");

  while(TRUE) {
    lcd_gotoxy(7, 2);
    printf(lcd_putc,"%3u",i);   // Write i with 3 numbers max
    i++;                        // Increment i by 1
    if(i > 100)
      i = 1;

Interface PIC16F84A with LCD video: